Nancy Rodrigues

Preschool Teacher At First Steps Learning Academy

My Experience


Working with Children

The reason why I love working with children and actually have the patient for children is because as a child, I did not always have as much attention as I desired! I always promised myself that if I ever cared for children, I would give them all that love, attention affection, and care that I could possibly give. One thing that fuels my passion for caring for children is the happy smiles you get out of them every single day AND the way they are learning and growing. Most parents love me because of the way I interact with their children and my ability to connect with them. I like to engage with children on their level and when playing with them, I try to turn every activity into a learning experience. I Make sure they know that anything is possible in life if you set your mind to it!

About ME

My name is Nancy Rodrigues I was born in Richardson Texas, But have a Hispanic culture. I used to live in Guatemala and Atlanta Georgia and of course in Richardson Texas. Some of my favorite hobbies are cooking, fishing, reading, drawing, racing motorcycles or four wheelers at my dads house, gardening, swimming, and military training. Even though I love fishing I do not like eating fish or any type of seafood, basically anything that comes out of the ocean, I do not like. I love people that are honest and achieve what they want in life. People who don’t let one little thing bring them down from their dream in life. One of the things that motivates me every single
day and makes me happy, are my two daughters! 

My Family

I have to daughters my oldest daughter is Jocelyn and she was born in April my youngest daughter is Alicia and she was born in October. Both of my daughters love to scream and are drama queens they love to get peoples attention even though they are shy at first, but once they have your intention trust me "You will get tired before they do". Both of my parents are from Guatemala but are not together. I have one brother from my mom side and my mom lives in Richardson Texas. On the other hand I have three brothers from my dad side and a sister but my dad lives here with me in Florida. At home or at Family reunions me and my brothers speak English to each other but when talking to an adult we speak Spanish. Our family knows a language which is from Guatemala called (Dialeto). At my house we have one pet named spots (manchitas)But for me is just like having another child in the house that loves getting people attention. I have a boyfriend but in a Hispanic culture he’s actually know as my husband because we have kids in common and we live together. He works as a painter and is from Guatemala where my parents are from.

Life's Awesome Moments

Working With First Steps Learning Academy 

I decided to work with First Steps Learning Academy because of the Director Mrs. Brittney.  Mrs Brittney provided me with a lot of information regarding the programs offered in the facility and I was very impressed with the security they have in the classrooms and hallways. I love the family style dining routines that are offered in the cafeteria and I love the way we are encouraged to engage with the families. Teachers are required to actually share their time with students and must engage on a continuous basis. During meals, I have time to actually sit with them and talk about things that they do at home or things they love. Lastly, I love the time and effort the teachers and children’s put into making each and every day "A great one"! 

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