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School Kids

What Are School-Age Programs?

School-age programs are organized activities designed to keep children engaged and supervised once the school day ends. These programs are essential for working parents who need a safe and nurturing environment for their children until they can be picked up after work. School-age programs offer a wide range of activities and services, catering to the unique needs and interests of each child.

Timeless Teachings in a Changing World

The organization of the physical environment is crucial to Reggio Emilia's early childhood program, and is often referred to as the child's "third teacher". Major aims in the planning of new spaces and the remodeling of old ones include the integration of each classroom with the rest of the school, and the school with the surrounding community. The importance of the environment lies in the belief that children can best create meaning and make sense of their world through environments which support: complex, varied, sustained, and changing relationships between people, the world of experience, ideas and the many ways of expressing ideas.


•Social Development: Children will develop a sense of self, the responsibly of self and others, and the proper preschool behavior. Children will learn how to work independently and to be comfortable during the separation period. Children will also learn how to interact with their peers and how to interact within a classroom environment (Dodge and Berke, n.d.)


•Physical Behavior: Children will indulge in curriculum that will assist with the development of their Gross and Fine Motor skills.


•Cognitive Development: Creative Curriculum is designed to enhance every child’s listening and problem solving skills, logical thinking skills, and representation and symbolic thinking skills. Children will learn how to make observations and answer questions, as well as expanding their minds on the different ways to view information (Dodge and Berke, n.d.).


•Language Development: Children will increase their ability to communicate and to understand what is being spoken to them. Children will also perfect their ability to read and write. 


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