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Misty Frantz

Toddler Teacher at First Steps Learning Academy

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Life's Awesome Moments

About Me

I love being around family and friends. In my spare time I love doing different crafts like making cups, shirts, etc. I love to read and be outdoors. My biggest motivation is my husband and kids. In my spare time I enjoy being out by the pool or on the beach soaking up the sun. Watching my kids goofing off and just enjoying life. I love Dr.Pepper and Reese Cupsl I have many shows I love to binge watch over and over, and I am a Disney girl all the way. 

My Family

I am a mother to 3 amazing kids, Sterling (6), Noah (2), Skyler (1). My husband and I have been together almost 15 years and have moved more times than I can count. From Niceville where I grew up to South Florida back up to the panhandle then to Louisiana and now back and not moving again anytime soonl We have the sweetest English Spring Spaniel names Marley and he loves all his 2 legged siblings. I am the youngest of 4 and the only girl. Love watching football but now having to learn more about baseball and I foresee lots of dance classes in my future with our youngest. 

My Experience 

I have been a stay at home mom off and on for a total of 4-5 years. I loved being able to be home with my kids but needed a change and little more interaction with grown-ups. I can only have so many discussions with my kids about the same thing so many times before I start to feel like I'm in the twilight zone. I have my certification in CPR, I am also working on my DCF 40 hours of training. 

Working With Children

I grew up with a very large family and have always loved being around and taking care of the little ones. I also knew at a young age that I wanted to have kids of my own one day. I just never thought I would one day work in the childcare field but I am so happy that I do. Being about to go to work everyday and teach and play with all the amazing kids there is the best. They are always (most of the time) in a great mood and just want to have fun play. But to see the look on their face when something clicks in their little minds and the understand what you are teaching them it's an amazing feeling. 

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